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Faith and commitment can change your quality of life

Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

1 hour  /   4000inr

Astrology as a science was developed to help plan ones future better, to make the right choices in life. You cannot control the eventualities that will come into your life, but you can prepare yourself for it. It is a tool that helps you to gain some control in your life by providing you certain directions and not a mystical science that one should be dependent on!

The birth chart, as it is known, is an imprint that determines your base personality and the planetary movements thereafter help in predicting the circumstances that will arise in an individual’s life. To know about these circumstances in advance helps in being mentally, emotionally and physically better prepared for it.

Relationship Reading
Fortune Telling Cards

Tarot Card Reading

1 hour  /   4000inr

Like Astrology, Tarot too is a science of predicting the future. This science is energy based and changes as per your actions or Karma. Hence tarot is a great tool for predicting the near future. But when combined with Astrology it can give highly accurate insight to situations and help one take decisions based on your own energy field.

It can effectively analyze your mental and emotional strengths and accordingly guide you for the future. Does helping you understand your current standing and the steps you need to take to improve the shortcomings.

yearly Transit Reading
Architectural Plan

House Energy Reading


Like a living person, every structure has its own unique energy. For good living and a successful life, one must match his horoscope with that of the space he works or lives in. We, as living beings, can instinctively know when our environment is surrounded by or subjected to negative and positive vibrations. Some premises pull down our energy, while others uplift us, buying a new property sometimes brings in a lot of problems and sometimes a lot of success, sometimes we might achieve success, but we lack mental peace or family harmony, etc. These are just examples of how a particular premise affects your daily life. Different sectors in a premise affect different areas of our lives.

To balance these energies, you don’t have to go through any major shifts or structural changes. Astro-architecture, a fusion of astrology and architectural dimensions, is one such research-led science that helps in balancing the energies between a premise and the people living or working in it.

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